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We strive for prestine uniqueness in our cake designs. Our donuts taste amazing and we love to work with chocolate. We offer standard or gluten free
options on baked goods. You can also purchase slow baked bread and we have vegan options too! Welcome to our cafe and we hope you stay and bring your friends.
We started our business in 2009 and it has been the top dessert cafe in Nova Scotia! We love to make dessert for events such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays
and anniversaries. Don't hesitate to reach out.

What People Say About Us

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    Cupcake Parfait

    Great neighborhood bakery. Excellent selection of donuts, pastries and cupcakes...

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    Coffee Cake

    Lots of great pastries. Nice people. Good coffee and donuts. A place with self respect!...

  • Donuts

    Go get these donuts and various pastries. You will not be disappointed as they are the best...

  • Homestyle Pies

    Delicious variety. They have excellent customer service, delicious pies and donuts...

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    Breakfast Crepe

    What a delicious place to meet up with friends for a breakfast or just a coffee...

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    Strawberry Cheesecake

    The manager was very kind, the staff are very courteous. Cheesecake is outstanding...

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The Menu

Please email us for information on catering and custom made desserts for events.

This Weeks Feature

  • Banana Pancakes

    $ 15.00

    So sweet is that sugary flavor that you have in your mouth when you eat something that has, I don't know, natural sweet flavors I guess.

  • Coffee Cake Donut

    $ 10.00

    Decadent is a word that we use to describe something that is like super selfish. It's like ridiculous.

  • Ice Cream Parfait

    $ 5.00

    So rich means like a very deep flavor. It's often applied with chocolates or creams.

  • Strawberry Skewers

    $ 15.00

    Crispy refers to a texture. So the feeling of a food in your mouth when you eat it is like the texture. That's what I mean by texture here.

  • Fairy Bread With Ghee

    $ 75.00

    So smooth means it's free of any clumps or lumps. By free, I mean there are no lumps, there are no clumps.

  • Peach Whipped Cream Crepe

    $ 7.00

    So cakey means cake like. It's similar to cake. So maybe it's kind of fluffy, it's a little bit moist. Cakey refers to things that are similar to cake.

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